Our History and Beliefs - Mulder Church
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a photo of Mulder Church
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Mulder Church helps people to connect with God through friendship with Jesus Christ, grow in that relationship, and serve others in the Spirit of Jesus.


As a Global Methodist congregation, we share a mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ who worship passionately, love extravagantly, and witness boldly.


We believe that we connect with God, grow in Christ, and serve others best when we share life together in Christian community.


sc0005099eMulder Church began in an old school building on Redland Road in the late 1930’s. The church was organized by a group of members from the China Grove Methodist Church after it had burned and was disbanded. Members donated land, lumber, and their time to build the original structure, some of which still stands today. At one time in our history, the participation dropped to five active members. In the 1970’s the church began to grow reflecting the growth in the surrounding area. In 1984, the sanctuary was remodeled and Sunday School rooms and a fellowship hall were added. In 2000, our congregation consecrated another addition that included a multi-purpose room, Sunday School classrooms, and kitchen facilities. The church built the SonShine Playground in 2004 and it is open for the community’s enjoyment seven days a week. In 2008, we completed a facilities expansion effort that includes a 400+ seat worship center, office suite, classrooms, remodeled youth area, and increased parking capacity. The ballfields and walking trails of PromiseLand Park were constructed in 2012.


sc0005099eWe believe in the one true, holy and living God revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


We believe in God the Father Almighty, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, who is infinite in goodness, wisdom, power, love, and faithfulness.


We believe in Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, who is fully divine and fully human, and who is the Lord, Savior, and Judge of the world.


We believe in the Holy Spirit, the living presence of God among us, who convicts the world of sin and comforts, strengthens, and empowers believers, and guides them into all truth.


We believe the Bible, the inspired Word of God, reveals all that is necessary for salvation and serves as the final authority in all matters of faith and Christian living.


We believe salvation is a gift of God’s grace that we appropriate through repentance and faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ. Through His atoning death upon the cross and subsequent resurrection, we are reconciled with our Heavenly Father, forgiven of our sins, renewed in the image of Christ, and granted abundant and eternal life.


We believe the Church, the community of all true believers under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, exists for worship, prayer, teaching of the Word, fellowship, service, and evangelism. Guided by the Holy Spirit, its members are to work together in love and unity, intent on the one ultimate purpose of glorifying God.


We believe personal salvation always involves Christian mission and service. All believers are called to a ministry of service and witness in the world.


We believe the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, ordained by Christ, are means of grace by which God works in us to confirm and strengthen our faith.


Baptism marks one’s entrance into the fellowship of the Church and is a sign of the cleansing of sin and new birth in Jesus Christ. It is suitable for both infants and adult believers and may be performed by sprinkling, pouring, or immersion.


The Lord’s Supper, or Holy Communion, is a reminder of the sacrificial death of Jesus and a symbol of the love which Christians have with Christ and with one another.


We believe all Christians are called to live their lives in the power of the Holy Spirit. This “life in Christ” involves continued growth in grace through prayer, Bible study, worship, and fellowship and results in holy living and ever-increasing love of God and neighbor.